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Recommended Blogs   This blog does not have much recent content but it has excellent posts on special situation investing and asset based investing like finding net/nets.  You won’t go wrong studying this blog.   A blog written by a serious, self-taught investor. He is thoughtful and conservative.  You gain a sense of his personality through his writings and investments.  Investing is a personal endeavor.


Two interesting articles on money and economics:

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2 responses to “Helpful Investing Blogs

  1. John, thanks again for providing good blogs. This helps my efforts in building a “mastermind”.

    • Thanks Wallace:

      Blogs can be another learning tool and an inspiration but I hope you focus your time with primary sources. I believe rereading the greats like Klarman, Buffett, Graham and Munger to learn principles then thinking hard how you can apply those principles in a unique way that suits YOUR strengths would be time well spent.

      Another trick is to read through Value-Line A to Z. You will learn alot. Then if you have time, visit some blogs.

      Thanks for the kind words.

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