The Attributes of Great Investors

The Attributes of Great Investors

Before you click on article, sit down and write what YOU think.  Be specific.   What steps do you need to take to improve?  So how to go from here to there?

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  1. Attributes of great investors:

    – they crave huge amounts of volatility; a stock they own going down 50% on no news has no negative effects on them; they don’t lose sleep at night by having a highly-concentrated portfolio
    – they are able to have patience; waiting 5 years for an investment thesis to play out is not hard for them
    – they don’t worry about what other people think; they don’t try to predict where prices are going to go; they’re OK with everyone else disagreeing with them
    – they’re willing to put in the effort necessary to find good investment ideas, understand them, and value them properly

    I myself could do better in that last area, but would likely need to quit my day job to make any groundbreaking progress.

  2. Daniel:
    If you want to optimize your time since you have a full-time job, focus on really long-term time frames. Either franchises that are emerging and can reinvest at high rates of return (10 to 100 baggers) The best investments, but hard.

    Or long-dated cyclical stock like precious metals miners, etc. Shipping is cyclical but cycles are or can be very condensed.

    My two cents.

  3. John,

    That’s good advice. The latter strategy fits my personality better, so I’ve gone with that.

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