A Lesson on Economics and the Monetary System or Interest on Gold

Even if the mention of a “Gold Standard” makes your eyes glaze over, the video above and the article below show you how a monetary system SHOULD WORK.  More importantly, you learn how the US can extract itself from ever-compounding debt.  Currently, the FED is destroying savers in the name of “helping” the economy.   Learn how credit can expand and contract WITHOUT booms and busts.

The Unadulterated Gold Standard Part I

The Horror of Being a Deep Value Money Manager–KGGAX is Kopernik Global vs. SPY and FANG Stocks

2 responses to “A Lesson on Economics and the Monetary System or Interest on Gold

  1. Thank you John, the wait for the gold is taking really long!

    Nothing sedates rationality like steady returns with little volatility, that too driven by highly predictable (depending on core inflation figures) central bank actions which seem to be totally coordinated these days.

    • You and I don’t want to live in a world where gold trades at $15,000 per ounce in dollars.
      Gold is a way to hold (not grow) wealth over long periods of time ten years or more, in my opinion.

      Gold reflects confidence in central planners. If we are at a peak in confidence, then it is amazing that gold isn’t at new lows based
      in US Dollar or sub-$1,000. The dog that doesn’t bark, clue.

      CPI indexes are false, misleading, and useless.

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