Kiril Sokoloff; Bitcoin Investing

An agnostic interpreter of what the markets are telling us.
CSInvesting: Note how he understands the cycles in commodity prices (oil)

Explore extensively here:

I recommend listening to the interviews several times over the next few days. Note how you can apply what he says.  His understanding of European history (many centuries of horrific wars) will probably mean that many European states will want to remain in the European Union–thus, a weaker dollar than expected.

Note the date Dec 2016


Munger rips bitcoin

7 responses to “Kiril Sokoloff; Bitcoin Investing

  1. Really nice video

  2. Thanks John. Worth listening many times.

  3. Very interesting.

  4. Accidental Keynesian fixed the Great Depression. Often thought about Munger’s and Buffet’s economic philosophy. Both extremely smart, business smart, and understand people extremely well but are not in the school of Austrian economics. Makes me wonder what I am missing.

  5. Forced savings due to the rationing of resources? Also think Germany had to pillage other countries to fuel their growth and that it was not sustainable.

  6. very interesting details you have noted , appreciate it for posting .

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