Think “Outside the Box” Case Study–Challenge Yourself

This case study problem is not about investing but has everything to do with investing.

This is based on a true story, and the answer will be revealed after readers here have attempted to solve the problem.

Jimmy the Greek has bet five to one that you will not beat the winner of this match: in a two out of three match.  When word gets out that you have taken the challenge, action gets heated and $1 million is placed. You lose, you pay $1 million; you win, you receive $5 million.

On what one (1) condition would you accept to take on a champion table tennis player considering you have only played recreationally a few times. You have one month to prepare.  No matter what condition you impose, both you and your opponent face the same condition.  For example, you can not say that your opponent must play with his feet tied together while your feet are free. Both of you would play with feet bound together.

How would you have a prayer of winning this bet? Obviously, the gamblers have you as a pathetic longshot.

Give your answer in a sentence or two–no more than thirty words.

Good luck because $5 million would be sweet!

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