Value Vault Updated!

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. –Alex Ovechkin, NHL Washington Capitals.

The Value Vault has been updated with 16 videos and several books. For those who already sent me your emails, you should have automatically received an update. For those new to this blog, please just send an email to: with the line: VALUE VAULT. I will send you the link in a day or two.   Your email will not be shared or compromised.

The videos are the equivalent of an MBA course in investing. However, the real learning won’t take place until you use the concepts in your own investing.

One reader was kind enough to send his thoughts on the Value Vault:

“Like wow dude! You know, ugh, these vids are bitchin’.”

I appreciate the enthusiasm since your comments and suggestions are always welcome.  The more specific the better to help you learn.

An early Christmas present(s) for you all. Be well,

John Chew

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