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The most important single factor in shaping security markets is public psychology. – Gerald Loeb

Wall Street never changes. The pockets change, the suckers change, the stocks change, but Wall Street never changes because human nature never changes. – Jesse Livermore

There is nothing more important than your emotional balance. – Jesse Livermore

There are styles in securities as there are in clothes. A security may be undervalued, but if it is also out of style it is of little interest to the speculator. He is, therefore, compelled to study the psychology of the stock market as well as the elements of real value. – Phil Carret

When events have thinking participants, the subject matter is no longer confined to facts but also includes the participants’ perceptions. The chain of causation does not lead directly from fact to fact but from fact to perception and from perception to fact. – George Soros

A Good Blog with free eBooks

I don’t know the writer nor have an affiliation, but beginning to intermediate investors may find many lessons and examples here.

There is a booklet called, 10 Ways to Improve Your Investment Process….and make more money that is worth a read–the link is on the left side of the page.

The author says:

  1. Define your outcome
  2. Define your process
  3. Don’t focus on the outcome
  4. Use checklists
  5. Improve your search strategy
  6. Improve your risk management
  7. Manage yourself (time management)
  8. Pay attention to the details
  9. Be patient
  10. Continuously improve.

Good advice, but how do you ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT the above?

Let’s take #1 Define your outcome.  If you want a 25% annual return, you will have to wait a long time, perhaps several years, to find opportunities sufficiently undervalued to reasonably expect such a return–like in 1932, 1974, and 2009.

Let me know your thoughts about the blog.


The value vault has issues with downloading if there are many people trying to download large files at once.  We (me, myself and I and un-named others) have split the material into folders which people can view and download the material inside.  Try again another time. If the problem persists, contact customer service and then let me know if you are still struggling. We will eventually prevail.

I will build an email list of all those who have requested keys. This list can be used to update you on new quality additions to the value vault folders. I promise to keep the list private and only send when there is new material. For example, if a small file is added to a folder, you will be emailed the material with an attachment. If the addition is a video or book, then you will be alerted to the folder.  This will save you from having to email again and again to request a key.  With providence, we will make our way forward. Thanks for your infinite patience.

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