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You make money on wall street by being very selective and being patient, waiting for those opportunities that are irresistible, where the percentages are very heavily in your favor.- Seth Glickenhaus

A Nose Job

Have we lost our sense of humor? A surgeon may lose his license over a commercial.

Rock Video: I will love you forever if you just got your nose done:


Is Inflation about General Price Increases?

The Theory of Central Banking: A good lecture by Robert Murphy on how central banking works.

Banking, Central Banking and the Economic Crisis by De Soto (excellent): De Soto’s accent is heavy but he gives you a good historical perspective on fractional reserve banking.

Prison Nation going broke:

Keep Track of your Investing

How To Start Keeping A Journal

The blog above is focused on trading, but the lessons apply as much to value investors. Substitute investing for the word, trading. In fact, what excuse do you have for not keeping a journal?

Make things happen

Dollar Shave Club:

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