Distressed Debt Analysis, MBOs, Corporate Restructuring

A generous reader from India, Saran, has donated five books to the VALUE VAULT. On Monday, I will send out an email with the key to that folder (DISTRESSED) to all who have received keys before.  I will post an announcement when the keys have been emailed. Thanks again SARAN.

Hanging Threads

Part 3 in analyzing Mr. Yachtman–is it luck or skill will be forthcoming. I plan on not reading the many intelligent comments from readers on this subject until I post part 3 so I am not influenced. Then if readers have comments or questions, I will post replies.

Another post on ROIC is needed to complete the circle on that subject.

Then I will post the analysis of Fox Broadcasting Company for our ongoing study of Competition Demystified.

A folder is being built for a course on Mises’ Theory of Money and Credit. The folder in the Value Vault will contain Power Point slides and audio lectures on 8 weeks of key readings from the book. Also, there will be the book, a study guide, and quizzes to test your comprehension. The Theory of Money and Credit is the seminal work on the subject. It is a challenging read, but you will have a solid understanding of how the fractional reserve banking system creates the business cycle through its creation of fiduciary media. Understanding money can be like grasping Jello, but this work makes it possible.

Thanks for your patience.

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