Richard Rainwater on Lessons Learned

A reader gave me a heads up on an interesting article on investing. Worth your time:

Lampert on Greatest Investment Lessons Learned

Eddie Lampert says that, “You have to have a point of view, you have to have a belief that something’s possible. And that you can see something that other people don’t. And a lot of times, when you see something that other people don’t, there’s nothing there. But there are times where there are things there. And the question is ‘is it worth it to invest your money and is it worth it to invest your time?’ ”

Another lesson Lampert said was important from Richard is to “invest in what you’re familiar with, invest in what you’re comfortable with. He’d go to the opportunities … he’ll be looking for where there’s disruption, but something that he feels comfortable with. He understood his capabilities … He wanted to get into business with great people and I think that was a great lesson as to how important people are to making businesses work.”

Referencing a specific Rainwater investment, Lampert says that, “Sometimes you make investments and they if don’t work out, what you learn are applicable to other situations.”

Lampert also went on to say that “Investing can be very lonely, especially if you’re contrarian.” Barry Sternlicht highlighted how this applies to Eddie, saying that “you make very few, very large, concentrated bets and you’ve been very patient.”

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