Kodak-Polaroid Case Study from Chapter 13 of Competition Demystified

Case Study of Kodak’s Entry Strategy into Polaroid’s Market

HBS Case Study Part 1: Polaroid and Kodak 376_266 _1984 CS

HBS Case Study Part 2: Kodak vs Polaroid CS

This case illustrates Kodak’s ill-conceived entry strategy against Polaroid–a strong incumbent with competitive advantages.

This article http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/editors/27508/ shows why Kodak descended into bankruptcy. In my opinion, Kodak might have generated more shareholder value by focusing on protecting its film market while managing the business in run-off made by returning capital to shareholders. If Kodak wanted to compete in other markets, perhaps it could have spun-off subsidiarities to allow shareholders and other investors to have more choice in allocating capital.


Chapter 13 Kodak and Polaroid Case Study Analysis

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