Money Manager Presentations; Investment Philosophy; and Words of Wisdom

Columbia Graduate Business School established a Graham-and-Dodd chair, but oddly assigned it to Bruce Greenwald. Greenwald, an MIT-trained economist had married into money, made a million or two in bond futures, lost a similar sum in oils, and quit at the insistence of his in-laws. “At investing I’m a complete idiot,” he noted, rather affably, adding that it was speculating that turned him on. He invited Buffett to give  a guest lecture but did not think him imitable. “I’m sympathetic to the Graham-and-Dodd point of view,” Greenwald said, “but I’m not really a Graham-and-Dodder.” (Buffett by Roger Lowenstein-1995)

Notes on Money Manager Presentations

A reader graciously shared his notes on the VIC in Omaha (2012). I added supplementary materials

VIC_2012_Brian_Bares on the Small Cap Advantage

VIC_2012_Cara_Denver_Jacobsen 10 Years in Micro Cap Land

VIC_2012_Damodaran and Investment Philosophies:Damordaran 200 pages on Inv Philosophies

VIC_2012_Francisco_Garcia_Parames Finding European Value

VIC_2012_Jeff_Auxier Value of Cumulative Research

VIC_2012_Jeff_Stacey Global Value Investing

VIC_2012_Lauren_Templeton John Templeton’s Strategies

VIC_2012_Lisa_O-Dell_Rapuano Value Investing with a Contrarian Bent (Rec!)

VIC_2012_Pat_Dorsey on Moats (Important to read)

VIC_2012_Paul_Larson Morningstar Stockinvestor Newsletter Editor

VIC_2012_Robert_Hagstrom Investing: The Last Liberal Art. He recommends, How to Read a Book by Adler

VIC_2012_Seng_Hock_Tan Value Investing in Asia.

Words of Wisdom


As always, adapt to your style, personality and aptitudes.


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