Investment Process–A Goldmine

A Reader’s Investment Process

Investment_Principles_and_Checklists_(Ordway)  (EXCELLENT!)  I hope readers are inspired to create their own like this gentleman. He synthesizes the best material from the great investors and then incorporates their principles into a checklist. This paper is also an excellent review of investment principles. Now the hard part is for YOU to CONSISTENTLY FOLLOW what you know you must do.

Good Reading for Value Investors

Quality of earnings: Earnings_Quality_–_Evidence_from_the_Field

Mark Seller’s Article on Becoming the NExt Buffett: So_You_Want_To_Be_The_Next_Warren_Buffett_–_How’s_Your_Writing_–Sellers24102004   Even the writer, Mark Sellers, who left the investment management business had trouble becoming the “next Buffett.” The volatility of owning one natural gas company help hasten his exit from the business.

A great blog post with links to Charlie Munger’s letters:

Enjoy your weekend while I organize the VALUE VAULT.

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