The Euro Crisis Explained

“The attraction which inflation policies have for so many people grows, in part at least, out of what may be called the money illusions.” –Irving Fisher

In addition to the lectures you can watch or have watched from my last post: you can add the one below to your education in money matters.

Jesus De Soto discusses the reasons for the European Economic crisis

A reader writes, “I found the lecture above a great way to learn about Austrian Economics and an easy way to understand the key message from the important book, Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles by Jesus Huerta de Soto. His lecture sets the subject in a modern day issue, the Euro Crisis, and Prof. de Soto suggests a anti-consensual conclusion.”

Editor: Prof. De Soto said (more or less) that Americans and Westerners do not want to live under an authoritarian political system, and they have the seen the collapse of centrally planned economic systems due to constant malinvestment by bureaucrats. However, they accept without protest a monetary system that is centrally controlled.

Jesus de Soto’s great work is here:

His recent articles:


With the above book and the two below, you can become an expert on money and credit.

Man, Economy and State:

The Theory of Money and Credit by von Mises:

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