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Back to school (a classic!)

Any Columbia Graduate Business School Students attending this–Course on Mental Models and Investment Frameworks? Mental Models Columbia GBS 2012 Syllabus

A Preview to be read for the See’s Case Study (forthcoming….)

The Old Man and the Tree: A Parable of Valuation

Adapted from Solomon, Schwartz & Bauman,
Corporations – Cases and Materials at 143 (3d ed. 1996).


Once there was an old, wise man who owned an apple tree. It was a fine tree. With modest care it yielded a crop of apples which he sold for $100 each year. The man wanted money for new pursuits and thought of selling the tree. So, hoping to teach a good lesson, he placed an ad in the Business Opportunities section of the Wall Street Journal: “For sale, apple tree – best offer.”

The Old Man and the Tree or a Parable of Valuation

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Do not criticize the government (Marine sent to mental ward):


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