A Reader’s Question on Advice for a New Investor

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A Reader’s Question:

Dear John: I have a friend who wants to know what to do with his money. I know Charlie Munger suggests investing in cheap index funds for a “no-nothing” investor. But aren’t there problems with indexes? What do you think?

Well, especially now when most bonds (especially government bonds) seem high risk for no-or-low return, the first question would be what should that person allocate towards equities.

I am working on my answer, but thought YOU have advice for this reader.

The links here:

all provide a case for equity investing.  However, when you hear that historically the stock market has returned 8.6% or 9% for the past 200 years, it is a little like saying the average height of the person in this room is five foot five inches tall. The room has a pro basketball player standing tall at 7.5 feet and a dwarf in the corner at 3.5 feet–the average is 5.5 feet.  People are still seared by this experience in 2007-2009.

I will post my response tomorrow.


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