Managing Your Time


The additional rise of this stock above the true capital will be only imaginary; one added to one, by any rules of vulgar arithmetic, will never make three and a half; consequently, all the fictitious value must be a loss to some persons or other, first or last. The only way to prevent it to oneself must be to sell out betimes, and to let the Devil take the Hindmost –Anonymous from the book by Edward Chancellor.

My portfolio is on fire. Every stock up 1/4% to 2% today. Thank you Mr. Bernanke for the manipulated boom and punishing war on savers! I wish my IQ was rising as fast. This is every investor’s nightmare, you might have to sell as full value is reached and your cash hoard piles up. Meanwhile clients are begging you to put more money to work.  I miss the dark days of 2009 when clients would sob into the phone, “Will my stocks EVER go up?”  Now I beg, “Will fear EVER return.” These are grim days for the value investor.

I look and look so I need HELP in managing my time:


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