Hell Ship


They’re all stuck in the Caribbean, adrift.   No air-conditioning.  Power blackouts.  Short on running water.  Backed-up toilets.  Rotting and dwindling food supplies.  Abysmal medical care.  No control over circumstances, or over the stench and heat.

Can’t flee.  Complaining is useless.  And the media doesn’t care much about their plight.

Yeah.  Welcome to CUBA, suckers.  You thought you were on a Carnival cruise ship, but really ended up taking the only real people-to-people Cuban excursion available, even without docking there, or without having to deal with noisy Cubans.  You get to live like 99% of the Cuban population.  Congratulations.  It’s the experience of a lifetime, but you only have a few days till you are rescued.

Sorry about your plight.  Honestly.  But you should expect a big fat refund.   You are still protected by the free enterprise system and capitalist ethics.  Once you get off the ship, please think about 11 million Cubans who have been living your Carnival nightmare every day for 54 years without hope of rescue.  And without any hope of ever being reimbursed.

And you don’t have to put up with news reports that praise conditions on your ship, or with academics who analyze and laud it as one of the most successful ventures in human history.   And….  no t-shirts imprinted with the image of your co-captain will ever be sold all around the world. —Carlos Eire

My Travels with Cubans: A Glimpse of Cuba

Waiting for Fidel to Die


This Closed-End Fund (CUBA) represents companies that might benefit with a Cuban trade opening.  Today the CEF trades at a premium, so avoid as an investment.

But why the spike in 2007/2008 with the CEF trading at over a 25% premium to the underlying stocks–arbs where were you?  I guess people took joy in this :

Socialism Benefits dieters–empty shelves in Venezuela.

Empty Shelves


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