A Reader’s Question: What Should I Pay for Salesforce.com (CRM)?


A question like that makes me into a religious man, “What the $%^&!, God $%^& Damn %^&@# It, Jesus the $%^&*! Christ!


My answer: OK, instead of asking, “What is it worth?” Ask, what would need to happen if I paid today’s price of $169 and required a 10% annual return? What would CRM need to provide to me (sales, cash flows and margins), the investor, over the next ten years?  What does the current price for CRM infer?

Does someone wish to answer this for the reader? Here is the Value-Line: CRM. The best volunteer gets an emailed prize.  I will reply in full next week.

Go here for remedial work  on what you need to learn: http://www.oldschoolvalue.com/blog/investing-perspective/value-investor-accounting-writing/

You could make money but this would have to happen first:


But if you ask the same type of question again then:



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