Fiat Money Inflation 1790 and Do The Math


 Can it really be possible to simply print money out of thin air and use it to pay off the world’s debt without there being any consequence?  –Chicago Slim

Let’s Learn What History Can Teach Us………..


Speculative Bubbles (John Law) bubbles

Fiat Money Inflation in France by Andrew Dickson White inflationinfrance

What Has the Government Done to Our Money by Murray Rothbard: whathasgovernmentdone

How Can We Apply Those Lessons to Our Current Situation?

Here’s Grant Williams presentation to CFA’s via youtube: Do the Math

 James Grant Interview on Central Banks and Gold:


Jim Rogers: ‘Nobody gets out of this situation until there’s a crisis’

The Gold Market Today: Acting Man May 31 2013_Gold Market


PS: A reader donated several books:

Franchise_Value_-_A_Modern_Approach_to_Security_Analysis (Difficult but excellent)

Other books are in Epub format. I am struggling to download and save them so when I do that, I will upload to this blog. 


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