Video Interviews of Klarman, Buffett, Munger, and More.

Investors have put their faith not in a fact but in a  concept. As my friend John Mauldin puts it, “Faith in central banks today is  equivalent to faith in the word dot-com in 1999 or faith in the eternal rise of  housing prices in 2006.” No doubt, Warren Buffett was right that “a pack of  lemmings looks like a group of individualists compared to Wall Street once it  gets a concept in its teeth.” But QE is also a concept that is rather fully  played out, especially with a likely tapering ahead. Notably, the shift toward  tapering is not driven by substantial economic improvement or victory of the  policy, but rather by an increasing recognition within the Fed itself that its  actions are creating dangerous financial distortions.

Hundreds of Video Interviews with Klarman, Buffett, and new Fund Managers through the Manual of Ideas. For more videos click on the manual of ideas link at the top of the page in the link below:

Copying the greats:

There are hundreds of short videos on value investors. If you find any that are particularly enlightening, interesting, or helpful, let me know so others can see it.

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