IMPORTANT: Email Distribution List for DEEP VALUE COURSE

I just sent SECURITY ANALYSIS (PDF) to EVERYONE (503 enrollees) on my distribution list for the DEEP VALUE COURSE under TWO emails: and

We have to have an efficient distribution list so you can get assignments/readings.    Perhaps, I should have used google drop box or some other method.   But I don’t see why emails can’t work.

SO, if you are ENROLLED in the course AND you did not receive TWO emails with Sec. Analysis attached, then email me AGAIN at with STILL NO SECURITY ANALYSIS.

Check your spam folders to let the emails through.

Once I know that the FULL distribution list is working I will RE-EMAIL all the materials that you should have to this point in the course.

Let’s get it right because receiving 250 emails from students who did NOT receive THE Intelligent Investor and Sec. Analysis is very time consuming.

THANKS, John Chew


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