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George Carlin on America; Buffett Notes; Aristotle on Ethics; Valuation and more

George Carlin, the Truth Teller

George Carlin: You have no Rights:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWiBt-pqp0E&feature=related

George Carlin on Choice in America: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKQs-jDI7j8&feature=related. Fascism won’t come to America in brown shirts and black boots but in yellow shirts with smiley faces on them.

Aristotle on Ethics

Judge men by their actions (one minute video):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5quLP3rHxwQ&feature=related

Buffett Notes on 2012 Berkshire Shareholder Meeting

Notes on Recent Berkshire Hathaway Meeting (30 pages): http://covestreetcapital.com/Blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Notes-from-the-2012-Berkshire-Hathaway-Annual-Meeting.pdf

Herding Lizards on Wall Street:

The implication is that “Markets are irrational because of quirks in human nature,” Burnham explains in his 2005 book Mean Markets and Lizard Brains.

In this very interesting book Burnham explains that our lizard brains are pattern seeking and backward looking, which again was handy when we lived in caves, but not so great for managing our 401ks.

The fact is, without the constant inflation of fiat money, people would (or have to) spend very little time thinking about their money or savings. Squirreling a little money out of every paycheck would suffice for retirement preparation.

But the modern world of central-bank hyperplanning, hyperbailing, and hyperprinting makes that impossible.


Wall Street Traps for the Unwary: http://www.thereformedbroker.com/

Due Process Abandoned

The Obama administration now claims the authority to kill American citizens without a trial, without notice, and without any chance for targets to legally object. The “targeted killing” program of George W. Bush’s administration has been radically expanded to include Americans far from any war zone.


More on Buffett and his plans for forced redistribution: http://www.jamesaltucher.com/


Jae Jun has borrowed some of my notes on Greenwald in his posts which I encourage anyone to do. His blog is an example of someone who is seriously committed to self-learning and teaching/sharing what he discovers. Bravo!  That said, no one is a guru so check  his posts with your own common sense and independent thinking. For example, replacement value is extremely difficult to do accurately.



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