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Hidden Champions

A favorite blog just came out with articles: Gannon On Investing” –  Four new articles. Go to www.gannononinvesting.com

Hidden Champions of the 21st Century is My Favorite Book

Geoff also is a fan of  “Hidden Champions of the 21st Century.” This is a great supplement to Competition Demystified by Greenwald.

Technically, it’s a business book – not an investing book. But business books are almost always more informative for investors than finance type books.

If I had to hand 3 books to someone who didn’t know anything about what it takes to be an investor – I’d hand him:

  1. You Can Be a Stock Market Genius
  2. The Intelligent Investor (1949)
  3. Hidden Champions of the 21st      Century

If you aren’t in love with the idea of the treasure hunt after reading those 3 books – I don’t think you’ll ever become a value investor.