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Applause for Jim Grant

Jim Grants



Fiat Money Inflation 1790 and Do The Math


 Can it really be possible to simply print money out of thin air and use it to pay off the world’s debt without there being any consequence?  –Chicago Slim

Let’s Learn What History Can Teach Us………..


Speculative Bubbles (John Law) bubbles

Fiat Money Inflation in France by Andrew Dickson White inflationinfrance

What Has the Government Done to Our Money by Murray Rothbard: whathasgovernmentdone

How Can We Apply Those Lessons to Our Current Situation?

Here’s Grant Williams presentation to CFA’s via youtube: Do the Math

 James Grant Interview on Central Banks and Gold: http://www.kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/Broadcast/Entries/2013/5/25_James_Grant.html


Jim Rogers: ‘Nobody gets out of this situation until there’s a crisis’


The Gold Market Today: Acting Man May 31 2013_Gold Market


PS: A reader donated several books:

Franchise_Value_-_A_Modern_Approach_to_Security_Analysis (Difficult but excellent)

Other books are in Epub format. I am struggling to download and save them so when I do that, I will upload to this blog. 


Play It Again Sam (How the Fed Manipulates Credit)

The above video gives you a short analysis of the causes of the financial crisis from a businessman’s perspective.

Books on the Federal Reserve and Banking

The books below will make you an expert on how the FED and the banking system work to create fiat, irredeemable money and credit out of “thin air” or by key-stroke.

After reading those books, can YOU tell me how the central bankers EXIT strategy will work?  Watch Japan for a preview.

Here is Jim Grant

Inflation is a state of affairs in which there is too much money. It’s not too much money chasing too few goods. It’s too much money, the thing that this money chases is variable. And in this particular cycle and for some time, it has chased commercial real estate, bonds, stocks, financial assets of all kinds. Iowa farm land. There is a huge excess of liquidity in the world. Central banks furnish this, they stuff us with it. In the interest of levitating markets that will, they think

On the Equity rally:

Yes there are terrific companies generating terrific cash flows. That is certainly true. But beneath the surface of things or not so far beneath the surface of things, as far as central banks, practicing not original policies but original sin. This is these policies are not so original. They go back to the time of Revolutionary France. You know the idea of creating currency with which to create human happiness is as old as the hills.

On Gold:

Gold has been in a bull market for 12 years. Gold is this rare thing in which you can be bullish and yet contrary and also with the trend. There is I think a general fatigue animus towards gold. The gold prices are reciprocal of the world’s view of the competence of central banks. The greater the world’s confidence in the Ben Bernanke’s of the world, the weaker the gold market. The less the world holds confidence in the institution of managed currencies, the stronger the gold market. And to me the confidence is utterly misplaced,

See videos:


The Horror!http://www.federalreserve.gov/monetarypolicy/fomcminutes20121212.htm

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Welcome to the Bronco Ride!

Money supply growth is falling.  Go here: http://www.federalreserve.gov/econresdata/statisticsdata.htm The latest numbers show 13-week seasonally adjusted M2 annualized money supply growth is down to 5.7%. Non-seasonally adjusted is down to 5.8%. 4-week data averaged over 13 weeks is at 3.8% annualized. This four-week number shows the intensity of the decline in current weeks versus that of the longer term 13 week number.

Jim Grant in his Interest Rate Observer (www.grantspub.com) writes in his June 1, 2012 issue, “To judge by deeds, not words, the Bank of Bernanke is as tight as a tick. Over the past three months, Federal Reserve Bank credit has shrunk at an annual rate of 9.3%. At the peak of QE2 one year ago, Fed credit was billowing at short-term annualized rates of as much as 47%. Waiting for QE3.”

Also of note is Grant’s expectation of a QE3 to reverse the trend. Indeed, that’s the kicker here. The trend in money growth and credit is slowing (credit declining) and that’s negative for the stock market and economy, but a major reversal is likely in the not to distant future.

Welcome to the bronco ride.

Use this opportunity to pick up good companies when they go on sale.

Fear and uncertainty are the friends of value investors. However, the pain may be intense at times.

To understand wwhat a bear market FEELS like go here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OmkmeOMC6Q&feature=related

We are far from the 2008/2009 situation. Hang in there and Enjoy your weekend.