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Step 2 as I Move toward Kidney Donation

Good News:

I pass my blood work and now onto other tests.

Good Morning John

Your appt for Tuesday will be as follows:

These first 3 appts will be at ( Transplant Clinic) Make sure when you get in that you are a potential kidney donor and that you have an appt.

@ 8:30AM Dr F transplant nephrologist

@ 9:30AM Dr K transplant surgeon

@ 10:00 M J social worker

@ 2:30 CTA, This is a procedure that will look into your kidneys. This will be at the main hospital at Smillow Cancer Center on the second Floor. I will bring you there.

Before they will do the procedue, they will put an IV on you and give you contrast. Please let me know if you are allergic to dye, shellfish or tape.

Your blood test came back normal.