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Equity Valuation Course at Notre Dame; Stocks and Prohibition


Equity Valuation Course at
Notre Dame:
 http://www3.nd.edu/~scorwin/fin70610/   Password is fin70610  for anyone interested. Not hard to guess.

Careers in Finance Links:

Economic Calendar by Yahoo! 
This is a great calendar of past and upcoming economic announcements, including both actual and expected results.    

This site is a great resource for students seeking either an internship or a job.  The site provides descriptions of various careers and positions in finance, interviewing questions and tips, profiles of firms, job listings, etc.  

Vault.com is another source for career and internship information.  Under the internships section, it provides “a day in the life” descriptions for several careers.  It also provides job listings, interview questions, and interviewing advice.   

Check out this site for descriptions of various careers in finance and for a very useful set of books and references related to finance jobs and interviewing tips.    

The Social Shift Toward Marijuana/Prohibition 

Social Mood and Prohibition