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Value Investors’ Second Quarter Commentaries; Letter to Buffett

Second Quarter Manager Commentaries



Weitz Annual Leter 2012

Weitz Value on Valeant Unique Pharmaceutical Company; owned also by Sequoia

Tweedy BrowneTweedy_Fund_CommentaryQ_2

FPA: crescent-2012-q2-final

Davis Funds: Davis Funds 2011 Annual Report

Third Avenue Funds: TAF 2012 Semi Annual Report and Shareholder Letters  A good read for those interested in asset based investing. Marty discusses corporate finance.

Letter to Buffett

Reisman letter to Buffett  An interesting rebuke to Buffett’s demand to raise taxes on the rich (the result being a punishing loss for poor people due to less capital in the hands of private enterprise to raise productivity) and Buffett’s misunderstanding of his role as an investor in society.

Reisman’s main work: http://mises.org/document/1006/ Capitalism is also in the VALUE VAULT under Austrian Economics

You may disagree but interesting nonetheless.