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http://www.acting-man.com/?p=31075  Note the ZIRP-induced distortion in the production structure.


Fed and Stocks



PKW is a buy-back ETF which only chooses companies that will buy back at least 5% of their shares per year.

Treasure Chest 

Lecture Links  Thanks to a generous contribution! Let me know what you learn.

Value Vault Videos and Book Folders

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Bruce Greenwald Valuation and VI Videos 2005

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Bruce Greenwald Value Investing Class Videos 2010

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                     Bruce Greenwald Videos Part two

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Greenblatt Videos

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Corp. Finance

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Plenty here to keep anyone busy. Post your notes/thoughts/questions.


Greenwald 2010 Lectures (6 through 10)

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. –W.B. Yeats

Greenwald 2010 (6-10) Videos

Here’s the link to file 6:

Here’s the link to file 7:

Here’s the link to file 8:

Here’s the link to file 9:

Here’s the link to this file 10:

More videos to follow……….

Enjoy your weekend

Greenwald Video with Gurus like Li Lu. Michael Burry Notes

Two readers/contributors sent me these links. Thanks again.

My two cents, the video is worth viewing, but if you look up the companies in Michael Burry’s research and follow along, you will benefit more. I would rather bet on Michael Burry rather than Li Lu. Be skeptical of any “Guru” and never cease to think for yourself. Many Gurus know a hell of a lot less than you think they know.

I am amazed that no one on the panel discusses the causes of the boom & bust which flattened most money managers in 2008/09.

Professor Greenwald’s Panel Discussion with Li Lu and other “Gurus.”


Michael Burry Research Report Write-Ups

A contributor, eclecticvalue provides a scribd link here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/74831871/Burry-Writeups

I will place several investor letters and research reports from Michael Burry (a self-taught investor who sits alone in a room and thinks.) in the Value Vault.

For keys to the Value Vault: email me at aldridge56@aol.com with VALUE VAULT in the subject line. You will receive a link and then you can sync to your desk-top.   Thanks for all the contributions to the Value Vault!

Thomas Russo Video Lecture Link

A reader kindly sent this–a Thomas Russo lecture on video. Mr. Russo focuses on stable franchise businesses like tobacco, food and beverage companies.   When I think of him, I hear his quote: “If you want to beat the market, own the S&P without the airlines.”

He is simply trying to buy better-than-average businesses, but I don’t know how focused Mr. Russo is on the price paid.

A video of 94 minutes:


Comments welcome.

Value Vault Updated!

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. –Alex Ovechkin, NHL Washington Capitals.

The Value Vault has been updated with 16 videos and several books. For those who already sent me your emails, you should have automatically received an update. For those new to this blog, please just send an email to: Aldridge56@aol.com with the line: VALUE VAULT. I will send you the link in a day or two.   Your email will not be shared or compromised.

The videos are the equivalent of an MBA course in investing. However, the real learning won’t take place until you use the concepts in your own investing.

One reader was kind enough to send his thoughts on the Value Vault:

“Like wow dude! You know, ugh, these vids are bitchin’.”

I appreciate the enthusiasm since your comments and suggestions are always welcome.  The more specific the better to help you learn.

An early Christmas present(s) for you all. Be well,

John Chew

Value Vault Videos Available

A link to the value vault (A folder containing several videos of great investor lectures like Michael Price, etc.) was sent to readers who previously requested video links.

If you did not receive this link or would like to have access to the folder just email me at aldridge56@aol.com   with the title VALUE VAULT.

You will not have to pay the $80,000 a year for an MBA program; instead view these lectures in the comfort of your home.

Please send comments or suggestions.

VIDEO LECTURE on Valuing Liz Claiborne

Jan 01, 2000 10-K for Liz Claiborne.

So what is the company worth? Show your work. Don’t cheat yourself–do the work BEFORE clicking on my notes or the video lecture!


 Video Lecture: https://www.yousendit.com/download/T2dkOGNVdGpPSHdVV01UQw

Solution and Lecture notes to valuation of Liz Claiborne: http://www.scribd.com/doc/71969836/Greenwald-Class-Notes-5-Liz-Claiborne-Valuing-Growth-2

Let  me know what you learned, liked and disliked.

More Video Lectures….

to be sent to all who wish to view privately. However, I must first post the supporting case studies in the next few weeks with solutions before I send out the videos or else you won´t have the maximum benefit.

Many readers have been gracious in their praise of the videos. Thanks, but I never found just viewing them to be as good a learning tool as trying to value the companies mentioned myself. Then I would go back and listen again and again.

Perhaps viewers gain an emotional boost watching Great Investors discuss their craft?

The additional videos should be available (another 5) before Thanksgiving.   Ever think of how the life cycle of a turkey is similar to the chart of Enron?  The turkey´s growth rises until that final day-then it’s over.

Thanks for your patience. To tide you over, you can view other investors discussing their methods at the Ben Graham Center (Ivey Business School in Canada): http://www.bengrahaminvesting.ca/Resources/audio.htm

Another great resource.

Videos on Value Investing Case Studies

These are excellent lectures from which case studies have been posted.

I can not post these publicly but I can send you a link to www.yousendit.com
for you to download the video files ( each about 1/2 to 1 GB).

So send me an email at aldridge56@aol.com and write: VIDEO LECTURES
in the subject line. Please keep private for your own use.

I will be away for the next few weeks so enjoy the videos and more case studies when I return. You may not receive a link to the lectures until Monday so I ask for your patience.

If readers enjoy the videos there are about 14 more lectures on video. Let me know what you think.