Lecture 5: A Value Investor in Retail Discusses ANF, AEOS, ARO

This lecture will show you the power of focused investing. This investor invests mostly in mid-cap to small cap retail companies. A small circle of competence can be powerful indeed if the investor knows the circle well.

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4 responses to “Lecture 5: A Value Investor in Retail Discusses ANF, AEOS, ARO

  1. Outstanding comments from the visiting investor. As with all pros, she makes it sound so easy, though the Prof would say it actually is! 🙂

    Currently there is only one retail company showing up on the Magic Formula screen – GPS. I’m long GPS, but bought it a couple months ago before finding your website. I revisited it since & did a quick evaluation of it using some of the stuff taught in the earlier case studies and would be happy to share if there’s interest.

  2. Dear Lumilog:

    For full disclosure, I also own GPS but rather than state my reasons, I would encourage you to update your report. A good idea for your own benefit.
    I will post it to this blog or with a link. After your report is posted, I can add my two cents as to my reasons for purchase.

    I look forward to reviewing what you send.

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