More Video Lectures….

to be sent to all who wish to view privately. However, I must first post the supporting case studies in the next few weeks with solutions before I send out the videos or else you won´t have the maximum benefit.

Many readers have been gracious in their praise of the videos. Thanks, but I never found just viewing them to be as good a learning tool as trying to value the companies mentioned myself. Then I would go back and listen again and again.

Perhaps viewers gain an emotional boost watching Great Investors discuss their craft?

The additional videos should be available (another 5) before Thanksgiving.   Ever think of how the life cycle of a turkey is similar to the chart of Enron?  The turkey´s growth rises until that final day-then it’s over.

Thanks for your patience. To tide you over, you can view other investors discussing their methods at the Ben Graham Center (Ivey Business School in Canada):

Another great resource.

4 responses to “More Video Lectures….

  1. Pardon, you will send the links privately by email or as a post on the blog?

    The videos would be great for the “emotional boost”, as you put it and also for digesting the information together with the turkey. It sure adds another layer of gravy on the plain black and white words. (sorry). Looking forward for the videos!

  2. There are videos in addition to audios here from Richard Ivey School

    • Yes, I think I mentioned in a previous post, the Ben Graham Center, but thanks for reminding. It never hurts to share thoughts/ideas.

      You can also learn from (Century Management) video on a client presentation.
      Google seach Value investing Conference at Darden Business School. There are more videos out there.

  3. Looking forward to them too. Please add me to the list, unless you plan to plan to post them. Thanks.

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