The Graham Folder-Example of New Organization of the VALUE VAULT


The word reorganization is a euphemism to anyone who has visited the VALUE VAULT. What organization?  I rushed to place as much material and readers’ contributions into the VAULT for others.  But with more new material, I must organize the material for faster  and EASIER access.

I will organize in the categories of SEARCH, VALUATION, PROCESS, INVESTORS, and YOU.

Within the INVESTORS folder, there is a folder, GRAHAM. The contents are listed below.  I will slowly be reorganizing the VAULT folder by folder while adding new material. Thoughts are welcome.

The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham and Ed by Jason Zweig
Security Analysis_First Edition_1935
Security Analysis_Second Edition_1940
Security Analysis_Sixth Edition_2010
Rediscovered Graham Lecture, Supplement to 1940 Sec. Analysis
Interpretations of Financial Statements by Graham
Graham Concepts Superinvestors of Graham and Doddesville
How to Think Like Ben Graham and Invest Like Warren Buffett
Building a Profession
Chapter 20 of Intelligent Investor: Margin of Safety
Beta vs. Margin of Safety_Mauboussin
A Study of Market History Through Graham and others
Lessons_Ideas of Benjamin Graham_AIMR Pub
Tweedy The Little Book of Value Investing
Mizrahi How to Get Started in Value Investing


If you only had an hour to learn “value” (the hunt for bargains) investing, you should read Chapters, 8 and 20 on “Mr. Market” and “Margin of Safety” in The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham.  If you wish to go further, then absorb the book. Graham’s book on the Interpretations of Financial Statement is a good primer for you to read alongside the annual reports of companies that interest you. For the hardcore, tackle Security Analysis. Beginners can step back and read the books from Chris Browne (Tweedy) and Charles Mizrahi. Graham’s star student, Warren E. Buffett, who further refined the value investing approach has a separate folder in the Value Vault.

Warren Buffett speaks about his mentor, Benjamin Graham,

Marty Whitman on Graham:

Intrinsic Value: You should be able to explain The Intelligent Investor to a group of students if you read the book carefully.

Best of Value Investing:

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