Money Supply Growth and Inflation; Book Recommendations

Relative price and total return of the S&P 500 index

Inflation-Adjusted Returns:

Money supply (M2) continues to accelerate. This week’s non-seasonally adjusted 13 week number shows money supply climbing at  a 9.0% annualized rate.  Here’s the acceleration in growth over recent weeks: 5.1%,  5.6%,  6.6%,  7.1%, 7.5%,  7.8%,  8.2%,  8.4%, 8.7%, 9.0%.

Ask yourself if the economy is growing at a 8% to 9% rates. No, then where is the money going?  Here comes rapid manipulated growth, with the eventual effects of rising prices at the consumer level.  Pray, protest and protect thyself.

Book Recommendations

To improve as an investor, you need to practice your profession.  The books below allow you to sharpen your financial statement skills through case studies. 

A reader suggested: What’s Behind the Numbers by John Del Vecchio, CFA and Tom Jacobs, JD.  Check out the book and the case studies:

Classics: Quality of Earnings: The Investors’ Guide to How Much Money Is Really Making by Thorton O’glove (1987)

The Financial Numbers Game: Detecting Creative Accounting Practices by Charles W. Mulford (2002)

How to Lose Money in a Top Performing Fund.




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