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Accounting, Investment Banking and Business Analysis books.

But don’t forget to do your reading on history, economics and politics to round out your education. A monkey can do a NPV, but figuring out the assumptions–now that takes a lifetime of study.

23 responses to “INVESTING BOOKS & More from the VALUE VAULT

  1. bankinvestor01

    you should have a text file that list out all the books, title and author

  2. Thank you for the wonderful stuff you’ve uploaded in this post and the one before! Your blog has become my new favorite.

  3. When I click into books, the folders display, but when I drill down into one, I get a landing page that says the folder is empty. When I click back to books, I get the same folder is empty message. Just a heads up…

  4. If you are having trouble viewing the files, make sure you have an updated version of firefox web-browser or AOL.

    I know I can access from other computers. Support is 1-888-535-9442 in US and International is 408-385-8491.

    the problem if you can’t see the files is your browser.

  5. Has anyone read “Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts: Essentials for Buy-Side and Sell-Side Analysts” by James Valentine or “Why are we so clueless about the stock market” ?

    • Yes, I have the book. You can also see his homework assignments from that book (NYU). You will get a traditional sell side equity analysis.

      I didn’t like the book, because I am not a fan of guessing what next quarter’s earnings will be. Useless.

  6. Is the Money Masters in Vault by an chance?



  7. Hi John,

    You referenced this book in one of your papers but apparently it’s out of stock at amazon etc

    “Investor’s Guide to Special Situations in the Stock Market” by Schiller

    Did you have any chance to read it? If you recommend it, where can we find it?


  8. The book was written in the 1960s. Out of print. Yes, I have it, but I had to make a photo copy. Are you near a large library or university lib? Order it through interlib. loan and copy it. Worth the read.

    I have digital copies of some chapters. I will post those when organized for it.

    Joel Greenblatt read that book. But what you should do is read JG book You Can Be a Stk Mkt. Genius, then download the academic research on tenders, etc. get a corp. fin book like Gilson: Creating Value Through Corp Restructuring. Then practice by reading Form 10s, being on the alert for spinoffs–like the recent Sears- SHOS.

    If you enjoy finding buried treasure then it won’t be work.

  9. Thanks John!

    Will check nearest library – good idea! Also, appreciate if you post when you can.


  10. Hi john,

    Wasn’t able to put my hands on the book so far – appreciate posting the digital copies if you think they are worth it.



  11. Hi John,

    You mentioned some academic research that you recommended reading in conjunction with You Can Be a Stock Market Genius. Any chance you can point me in the direction of a few papers you might have found helpful?

    I love the Greenblatt book, but finding follow up reading in the same vein (i.e., event driven investing) has been a little bit of a challenge for me.


    • Dear Mike:

      You know there are videos on Greenblatt teaching his Spec. Sit class and notes. Go to search box and search.

      Dig up and read ALL the SEC filing of the companies that he mentions in his book. Recreate his examples.

      Google academic research on divestitures, spin-offs, restructuring, splits, etc.

      Two books Investors’ Guide to Special Situations in the Stock Market, by Maurece Schiller (1966)

      Techniques for discovering hidden value stocks by Lin Tso

      Hope that helps.

      Out of print but there are copies out there.

      • Awesome! Thank you… I was able to get my hands on a different book by Schiller (“Fortunes in Special Situations in the Stock Market”) which is pretty good, if a bit dated.

        Thanks again. Really appreciate your advice plus all of the resources you have up here.

  12. Too bad I was not able to find the book by Schiller in my college library. Would be great if you could post it online! thanks a lot!

    • Why don’t you ask your library for an inter-library loan. If you are in the US, I am sure a library might have it. The book is out of print (1960)

      Good luck,

  13. Thankyou so very much!

  14. awesome collection . Thank you very much

  15. John, do you have “You Can Be A Stock Market Genius”? I didn’t see the pdf. Thanks! Amazing list!

  16. Hi John just wanted to say thank you for all the valuable and leading information here.

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