Lecture 2 of Mises on The Theory of Money and Credit; POW Camp Currency

Money in decline

The dollar has lost approximately 95% of its purchasing power since the inception of the Federal Reserve. The last 5% will be brutal–Chicago Slim

A Must Read on Correlations, bubbles, gold and gold equities: http://www.hussmanfunds.com/wmc/wmc130415.htm

Lecture 2 of 9

Audio Lecture econ400_lecture2 used with 20121QMisesonMoneyandBankingLecture2.ppt

then read CHAPTER 2 (includes study guide) APPENDIX B

Test your comprehension:Lecture 2 Notes and Quiz

Supplementary Material: POW Camp Currency:

POW Camp_Radford  (A must read)

PS: On Sale-Gold and precious metal miners (those that are well-funded and have low market caps to reserves and production) will be on sale today at almost historical prices relative to gold and gold relative to monetary mayhem. Your editor will be puking AGAIN on his computer to try to add ever so gingerly into the bloodbath.   We are seeing the extinction of the Goldbug.  Pray for me or STOP ME BEFORE I BUY AGAIN.  Before you think I am crazy–which is a definite possibility–look at Energold.

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