Please Ignore Any Emails from (HACKED)

Dear Readers:


I am working on fixing the problem. Please ignore the bogus email (asking for money).

I am sorry for the abuse.

my new email is

7 responses to “Please Ignore Any Emails from (HACKED)

  1. And there I was thinking it was some deep value Spanish investment opportunity…

    • Ha! Ha! It is not so funny when one or your clients offers to wire funds to you. What is worse–the hacking or thinking that I would actually be in that situation?

  2. good luck – happened to a friend recently

  3. John,

    I have seen this before. Two things to note:

    1.) The emails are coming from “”, not “”, a subtle difference with the “L” instead of “i”.
    2.) You may want to check that the hacker hasn’t changed your reply-to address to this email. For the longest time a friend of mine who was hacked ended up sending all his emails with the hacker-email as the reply-to so he never got emails back from people who didn’t think to keep changing the email to his original like I did.

    This may be a good time to look into getting a Gmail account. I can’t say I am a fan of the privacy issues but it is more secure with stuff like this!

  4. Yes, after receiving 96 calls today notifying me of this email–and three people offering to send me $5,000.00 (older, more gullible folks), I will probably change the email entirely.

  5. Good to hear you are okay. Check out James Altucher’s close call with an elaborate scam.

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