A Great Value Investor Shares His Thoughts


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 Link expires Aug. 21,  2013

8 responses to “A Great Value Investor Shares His Thoughts

  1. Thanks for sharing this. What a great find! 😀

  2. Thanks for this document and thanks for all the valuable material that you so kindly share

    • You are welcome, but I also use as this blog as a bulletin-board/file folder as well. I am thinking of writing a book called the Case Study Analyst so someone can purchase the book and have access to a private web-site that links all the books, videos and case studies for someone to teach themselves investing. All the material is here/there but organization allows for easier accessibility and learning. A BIG PROJECT. Also, that would make the web-site self sustaining and of a higher quality.

  3. Thanks for the wealth of information!

  4. Thanks for posting this! Was looking for this a few weeks back and had no luck.

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  6. John,

    Sounds like a big but worthy undertaking. I bet you can easily find some enterprising undergrad and MBA students who would be willing to help out in exchange for some tutelage and perhaps a contact or two.

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