Treasure Chest! Many Quality Investment Books


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Editor: It seems as though the traffic crashed the links, so I will need to find another storage/sharing method. Patience while I work on it.

This leads me to wonder if starting a private web-site/blog with a csinvesting analyst manual would be an improvement. A person could have a book with links to videos/case studies and books in an organized fashion to become a knowledgeable investor–more learning materials than any other web-site/university times ten!  Imagine a private library/study area/discussion lounge for learning value investing.  The site could be self-sustaining with a nominal fee per annum. It would weed out the people who are not very committed.

Also, sharing info would be easier.         Thoughts for the future………

Meanwhile I will try to find another way to share those books. 

REMS of a stock operator

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (A Classic)

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