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Bruce Greenwald Valuation and VI Videos 2005

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Bruce Greenwald Value Investing Class Videos 2010

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                     Bruce Greenwald Videos Part two

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Plenty here to keep anyone busy. Post your notes/thoughts/questions.


30 responses to “Value Vault Videos and Book Folders

  1. Lot of good content here!! Thank you very much for posting this.
    Regards from Spain.

  2. John, Thanks a lot for taking the time to post these. Incredible amount of learning possibilities on all of these videos. The Greenblatt videos are great. It’s amazing to listen to Greenblatt review some of his own past investments.

    Really interesting to listen to the way he thought about investing and portfolio management when he ran his concentrated fund at Gotham. With the results he had, along with the results of his partner Rob (both had separate funds that made 35%+ annual returns), it’s amazing that he’s gone to a much more diversified quantitative strategy.

    But despite his change of strategy, his early results and thoughts that he provides in these videos are outstanding. Thanks for posting the Greenwald ones as well… I’ll take a look at those next.

  3. As Prof. Greenblatt says, neither method (magic formula or concentrated spec. sits) is better than the other. What matters is the method that works for YOU. Few people study themselves as much as seek out a guru.

    The “SECRET” for Greenblatt was being VERY SELECTIVE and HIGHLY concentrated investments. Weighting heavily when the stars align was critical for him. Now he is more diversified playing the numbers.

  4. Mohammed Al alwan

    Hi John i think there is a point you keep mentioning frequently that i cannot emphasize enough my self which is “What matters is the method that works for you “.
    i believe it takes a long time specially for novice to start appreciating this powerful concept.

  5. Thanks John, your blog is absolutely amazing!

    I’ve been interested in investing for a few years now. Value investing isn’t hard to comprehend, but I have to say it’s quite hard to practice, i.e. I think it’s hard for a layman to do valuation analysis and be picking good bargains. If you don’t understand the intrinsic value of a business I would argue that you are more prone to be making behavioral mistakes as well.

    What is a non-expert to do?

    Of course Buffet advices buying index funds. I’m not convinced…

    Pabrai has – I think – eloquently lectured that if you want to beat 80% of the professionals you could buy an index. If you like to do better you should buy BRK. If you like to do even better still mimic your portfolio to whatever Buffett or other proven managers are buying. And lastly if you like to do even better than that browse through 13F’s pick your spot running a concentrated portfolio. Sounds compelling to me. Do you have a take on this?

    Another approach is to visit and and use Greenblatts approach which also should do substantially better than an index fund/market. Grahams approach also seems very doable for the laymen – buying low P/E stocks which have low leverage. Both approach require more active trading than copying “the greats”. I personally like inactivity (if it works obviously)

    Personally I’ve only picked and analysed one stock myself, which btw is my best performing stock (small cap, obscure, loathed industry). My other picks are for the most part high conviction picks from successful managers like Buffett, Pabrai, Einhorn, Ackman, Berkowitz, Icahn. I’ve been quite concentrated.

    To me it seemed prudent to invest along side professional seasoned managers until I had built more competence myself. Planning on holding until they sell. I’ve been lucky with timing thus far. Reading your blog has opened my eyes to the present macro environment and made me a lot more nervous Thank you very much! I mean it 😉

    I’ve adjusted my portfolio and bought into CEF. I’d like to take more measures, e.g. buy more CEF. Because of tax issues I wanna wait until 2014. I’m not sure exactly how I should position myself. It seems a bit complex. It’s something I need to put more thought into. On the one hand you wanna participate in equities, on the other you need to be cautious.

    On a different note. You have so much great content it’s hard to get through it all. I’m sure one would achieve the best results being selective considering the limited time people have. I think it was Greenblatt who advices reading Buffett a few more times rather than branching out into more diversed authers. What’s is your take?

    I’ve just started reading Strategic Logic. Very interesting and also very useful even if I don’t end up doing heavy investment analysis.

  6. I will reply in a post

  7. Is there anyway I can download all this content in one go? Currently, I am only able to download one file at a time.

  8. hey john, thanks for posting these, but many of the folder are empty or when I try download the files they come up as having no data. Any chance of fixing? thanks!

  9. yeah, having the same issue, not sure why they are coming up empty sometimes

  10. fantastic resource. lecture 10 from Greenwald 2010 is missing…

  11. Is there a post in response to Rojo’s question above or is it still to be posted?

  12. I have been remiss. I will post a reply by this weekend.

  13. Very generous of you posting all these value investing material. Thank you !

  14. Many thanks, John. Please can you repost lecture 10 from Greenwald 2010 and Bruce Greenwald Videos Part two.

  15. Noted that some of the folders require a password for login name:

  16. Could you please provide the password to some of the content? That’d be really appreciated. thanks

  17. Also, did anyone else have a problem downloading the Greenwald London pdf?

  18. Can you please send me the VV CS Inv .. I tried to open the folder and it won’t allow me to see it..

  19. Can I get the keys for VV CS INV folder please? I want to be super busy.

  20. I am trying to open the VV CS INV folder but its asking for password. Can you share. Please

    • If you send me an new email address, I can send you another key. If you have been sent a key to your current email, it won’t work. So just sgn up for a google email, for example, then email me at with NEW KEY in the subject heading.

  21. Thanks John, your blog is absolutely amazing!
    I have learned so much from these books

    • Tell me (us) what and how you learned. What books helped and why? If you want I will post your article. Writing will help you learn.


  22. Dear John,

    I am trying to open the VV CS INV folder but its asking for password for login name:

    Can you please share.

  23. Please update us once the reorg. is done. Thanks very much.

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