Keys to A Few Value Vaults

Click on VIEW FOLDER and there are many books, cases, and more. Let me know if you wish more posted. Here are a few vaults.

Books View Folder
VV_CS_Inv View Folder


UPLOAD_Contributors View Folder

38 responses to “Keys to A Few Value Vaults

  1. More vaults please! Thx kindly …much appreciated

    • Are you able to access these vaults. A bit greedy!

      • I can access them fine John. These are great. If you have more to share they are tremendously appreciated!

      • Hi John,
        I am unable to access the VV CS Inv folder. Kindly help with the same. Also do you have any issues of old issues of OID that I can get ??

        • No access until I pay for more storage or the site becomes private. Which do you prefer? The advantage to a private site is that I can post material to share than I can’t in public.

          • Hi John,
            You are providing a really useful service and I appreciate efforts with the same. My preference would be for a private site if it is fine with all the other members. Do keep me posted with any other developments.

            Thanx a lot .

  2. These are awesome – feels like Christmas came early. Thanks a lot!

  3. Hi John,

    Thanks for posting the links. But when I click on the link :View folder” or “Books” I get a message that prompts for a password. Here is the message:

    Log In

    You have received a shared folder from John Chew.
    Please login to access this shared folder.



    Even if I log in with my facebook account I get this message:

    In order to access this folder…

    You must be logged in as in order to access this shared folder.

    If you click on the login button below you will be logged out of this account and can then login in as

    And then I brings back to the first message again prompting for password.

    Can you please look into this.


    Greatly appreciate the work you do.


    • OK, we have an issue. Let me see how I can make these folders public. I know I can send out to individual emails but that can be very time consuming. I will talk to the Hightail folks and see the best solution.

      Give me a day. Thanks.

  4. John,
    I Have no problem accessing the folders.

  5. I got password error too

  6. error only for VV_CS_Inv
    I can access UPLOAD_Contributors and Books just fine

  7. All folders require passwords. Can you make them open please? Thanks.

  8. Hi John,
    Unable to access the books too..It is asking for a password.


  9. Here is the issue: VV_CS_Inv is a huge folder that requires me to buy more storage space from hightail.

    I will email out keys for other folders.

    If by tonight, you asked for a key and did not receive, just email again

    No need for anything else in your message. Thanks.


  11. Thank you , thank you, keep posting . I didn’t have a problem view the folders

  12. Still unable to access VV_CS_Inv folder. Asks for password. Please help. Thanks.

  13. Hello John – very nice list
    Unable to find Free Capital in the Books

    • You have to buy the book–no in the vault. Worth it though. A decent book for how each person has to develop their own method.

  14. Hi John,
    The 2010 CBS Lectures that you have provided have helped me build a good foundation in Value Investing. You’ve done a fantastic job!! Many thanks!!

    However, the 2010 lectures that you had posted in some other ‘vault’ seemed to not be having all the lectures. So I opened the folder ‘VV_CS_Inv’, Ican view everything in it, but I cannot download any files from this folder, leave alone the 2010 missing lectures that I found here! Your help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  15. Hey John,
    I found a way around it. I opened the same folder through another link to the same vault. The link being –
    Then I was able to download from Hightail. So you need not bother. By the way I was very curious to know, how do you manage to get the CBS Lectures and even other lectures?

  16. Hi John, when i try to open the folder i get this message: “Sorry, this invitation is for a different user.”; How can I solve the problem? thanks for the attention.

  17. Hi John,
    Is it possible to have access to the value vault if I help share some of the hightail storage costs? Would like to pitch in if money or help reorganizing is the issue. Thanks!

  18. Hi there John,

    I am new at investing and read your excellent analyst handbook – I am curious to know if there are further chapters and if I can access the Value Vault. Any recommended books for a beginner would be greatly appreciated too.

    Best wishes,

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