Who are YOU?


“If you don’t know who you are, this (the stock market or Wall Street) is an expensive place to find out” wrote “Adam Smith” (George Goodman) in his bestselling book, The Money Game (1968).

Take the following personality tests or not.   But if you do want to become a better investor YOU must study YOURSELF.  What style of investing fits you? Any particular businesses attract you?  Where do you struggle or succeed? Patterns?  Where or what is your edge, system, plan, and business plan?

Personality Testhttp://tharptradertest.com/about.aspx

Investor Personality Test: http://marktier.com/Main/ipp.php

Trading Type Van Tharp

Mark Douglas  http://youtu.be/GhKJ9P3agRc

How Michael Burry’s Advice helped (Video link) http://youtu.be/IXAOMZ37Alg

More on your money and your brain by Jason Zweig http://www.jasonzweig.com/

Step aside from trading and investing, ask yourself what YOU would do if you were one of these soldiers?

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