Enrollment to Close Monday Jan. 5th

Deep value cover


Right now we have about 250 fanatics signed up.  As a skeptic, I wonder if there are really that many fanatics spread across the globe.  “Students” range from raw beginners to forty-year veterans with CFAs, MBAs, MAs, and dozens of letters after their names.   Students (men and women) are located in India (a lot!), Germany, France, Sweden, North Africa, South American, Canada, and Alaska.

The only requirement is to be skeptical. Try to prove/disprove what you read and hear–especially what you might think is true.  Can you apply concepts and principles to your own unique location/situation?

If you sent me an email as instructed by the prior post on this blog at http://wp.me/p2OaYY-2BU, then you should have received the first lesson and two emails with attachments. If not, then email me again with the title DEEP VALUE.  If within twenty-four hours you haven’t received an email, then do it again, and I will make sure you receive the lesson.

I have to close the course because handling incoming students will be very cumbersome after the first class. For those too late to “register” then follow along with the blog since I will be posting questions on the readings.   There are no grades; the market will do that for you.

9 responses to “Enrollment to Close Monday Jan. 5th

  1. Thank you for offering this.

  2. Yes, we’re all so glad the cannibals skipped lunch!

  3. I imagine this is like what Greenwald mentions in his lectures that even after his students get into Columbia, go through the process to get into the value investing program, only 1 or 2 students, if that, in each class will actually invest the value way.

    It’d be interesting to see what % does all the coursework, then, if it was possible to know, what % actually ends up investing the deep value way. Intuitively makes sense, hard to do in real life.

    Anyways, thanks for putting this together. It’ll be fun to do as a group!!!

  4. Yes, but two of my friend never made it out alive. God have mercy. May they R.I.P.

  5. Thanks a lot for offering the course. I hope it’s not too late to register.

  6. Hi John-

    Thanks for the article on Mr. Market. Was great to have the fact that Mr. Market is actually a “partner” reinforced. In the back of my head, I always thought of Mr. Market as someone who throws out crazy prices, but not as a partner.

    For the behaviorally investing article, though backtests are somewhat unreliable, I wonder if anyone has backtested the five factors listed in the article for a twenty position portfolio? A key takeaway for me from that article is also that i need to find a way to stop watching stock quotes. Curious if anyone has found a way to stop looking at daily fluctuations of their portfolio altogether?


  7. ValueWalk actually ran an article on NCAV and net-nets, which people are likely to find interesting:

    I’ve chugged away at the numbers (using compounding, rather than an incorrect arithmetical averaging) and discovered that $1 invested in 1999 would be worth $6.79 (about 13.6%pa), as opposed to $2.48 having invested in the Russell 2000 (about 6.2%pa)

    That’s good, but it “only” represents an outperformance of 6.2% pa. Greenblatt could probably do better.

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