Joel Greenblatt

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  1. An interesting thing Joel says: when we make (investing) mistakes, it is the SAME mistake we usually make, just with a different `face` on it.

  2. I agree with Joel. It is very hard to change your hardwiring. The flip side is that your mistakes can be your strengths. Say you are a very patient investor, you may hold winners a long time but give losing positions too much time. What are the trade-off to your personality and method. Neither a human being or method is ever 100% perfect.

  3. Here I was thinking that a mistake might be buying a company with too much leverage. You might make this mistake again if you bought a company whose capital structure you didn’t check carefully enough or that you did”t fully understand because it was complicated. As a result, you ended up inadvertantly buying a highly leveraged company.Same mistake with a different face.

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