Helicopter Money?

Helicopter money

The source and root of all monetary evil is the government monopoly on the issue and control of money. –Friedrich Hayek

An interesting discussion 

Pivotal to the investment process is interest rates. For entrepreneurs to control capital, interest rates must reflect its real cost rather than merely the cost of printing money. Otherwise the money printers will dominate investment.

Zero interest rates rob future generations by bidding up the value of current government assets and privileges.   A bubble of current assets inflated by near-zero –interest loans does nothing to fund the future.   Retirees face a prospect of shriveled pensions and support and watching their children and grandchildren live slow motion lives. –George Gilder from The Scandal of Money: Why Wall Street Recovers But The Economy Never Does

I’d come to Wall Street for validation. I believed my value was in achievement, that achievement was conferred by instituions and rendered in money. I’d joined an army of bright young men and women dressed in business-casual uniforms, streaming into the service of massive corporation without any sense of why we’d chosen to dedicate our lives to further enriching the already rich, except that we needed proof that we were valuable, because at heart we didn’t really believe we were.  –Sam Polk from The Love of Money

Moving towards a solution


Deep Value Investor: 2016-05_conference_transcript


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  1. Another part of the solution: a gold depository for Texas residents and businesses is in the works. Usefulness depends on how much you trust your state with your gold, but in any event the plans call for an online banking component: “Texans will be able to open accounts similar to checking or savings accounts at traditional banks — and monitor them online.”


    The article mentions that Tennessee is exploring something similar. <3 federalism.

  2. Thanks, great news! Our rubber dollar and floating currencies (Thanks Milton Friedman) is hurting our economy. Why should you, who works and saves, worry about what your dollar will be exchangeable for in two weeks or ten years. Money transmits information so that is why when the dollar was worth 1/20th an oz of gold, there was less noise (purer price signals) and surprise, much faster economic growth. Look it up 1890 to 1913.

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