A Case study on Cognitive Dissonance

I only hear what I wanna hear and disregard the rest.

I have my righteous rage and pointless point of view–The Angry Young Man by Billy Joel

Often wrong but never in doubt–Chicago Slim

You will learn more about investing (or clear thinking) than weeks of hearing investment pundits, or I will send you a check.   Without a point of view, just listen carefully to the above interview.  If necessary stop the video and think after each question how you might respond in that situation.   What techniques is the interviewer using?  What is going on?   There are many levels of psychology and level 1 and level 2 thinking exhibited here.

What did YOU learn?   Even after multiple views, I need to review.  Ignore politics and focus on the logic of the questions and answers.  How does one’s psychological point of view and beliefs devastate a person’s ability to think critically?

Interviewer, Cathy Newman, “So what YOU are saying……………………….”

Jordan Peterson: “I DID NOT say THAT, because I am VERY, VERY, VERY CAREFUL with my words.”

If you only have two minutes to spare, then click on the 22 minute mark of the above video.   Interviewer: “Why should YOUR right to FREEDOM of SPEECH trump a trans-person’s right not to be offended?”   Remember that a “journalist” is asking this question in a Western liberal democracy.

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3 responses to “A Case study on Cognitive Dissonance

  1. Vidyanshu Pandey

    It might be interesting to also see who are the target audience of the show. A multivariate analysis of the audience might show them to be pretty similar to the interviewer. Affinity bias at work. Because the lady interviewer exists and her style of questioning exists because there is a market for it (TRP). Sometimes interviewers are deliberately catering to an audience. Stocking a controversy etc…their shows ratings depend upon on it. I thought she was projecting some fixed pattern and deliberately trying to twist Mr. Petersons words to create a controversy and thereby pander to a certain segment of the market. A similar thing happens in a product or services company. One needs to study the market to evaluate what sells..it might be or not be logical, but if it panders to a certain segments worldview it sells. I don’t know, but that’s the way it looked like to me.

    • I agree with your point/analysis. Thank you for your thoughts. Never assume the “other” side is stupid, completely irrational, and without benefit to the interviewer in this case.

      Other viewers who have an affinity for Peterson might be saying, “Oh, that feminist B! got destroyed.” But if you are seeking a grasp of reality then blindness to ideology (ANY ideology) like an ISIS fanatic is lethal for understanding. The danger for investors, critical thinkers is self-selection bias. The way Google search is set up can be hard to gain many points of view.

      Try–like you did–to understand the motivations and perspective of the “other” side. I believe you must suspend belief and listen CAREFULLY to learn and, above all, attempt to set aside bias and ideology (not easy if we are not aware of ourselves) to get closer to understanding reality or to be able to learn.

      Are you there (the interviewer) to LEARN about the person’s point of view and experience or to PANDER to your self-selected biased audience.

      I believe the interview was pandering but ALSO was blinded by cognitive dissonance. She wasn’t even aware of herself until the Free Speech question.

      My point of view is that ideology and PRE-SET assumptions are devastating for discovering truth or reality.

      Whether you are a “goldbug”, a “growth” investor, a Libertarian, if you don’t understand multi-variant analysis, empirical evidence, disconfirming evidence then reality will teach you in the hard way. As Buffett says, “I am successful because I am rational.” or close to words of that effect.

  2. that woman is lacking intelligence

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