Investing is HARD

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  1. Hi John
    I’m interested in adding to my gold stocks so in wondering if you have any favourite stocks at the moment?
    I like novagold and also hold abx, auy, wpm, sand, leagold and gqm. Would be nice to add a few more

    • Daniel is funny and I would tend to agree with him. Focus on your own work and disproving your research.

      Assuming you know how difficult the gold mining industry is and how counter-cyclical, why don’t you focus first on your own picks.

      Why own Sand and WPM? Which is cheaper, better assets, and better management? Why one over the other?

      How much diversification do you need in the gold space and relative to the rest of what you own? Focus first on what you own. Buying another gold stock means not investing more in your best ideas.

  2. Hi John
    I think now could be a good moment to invest in gold stocks. I own a few like ng, abx, auy, wpm, sand, gqm and I want to buy more. Would you mind sharing some of your favorite gold stocks? 🙂

    • If you’re asking someone else what gold stocks you should buy, you probably shouldn’t be buying gold stocks.

      • So true and that is what makes it so savage. As I tell my wife, that HURTS!
        “But it’s the truth,” she will reply. THAT makes it worse!

  3. Why are you sour? I didn’t ask you and if it’s true that you can’t get ideas for others, you must also mean that sites like value investors club are stupid since investors there are sharing their ideas. Next time I want your really negative comment I’ll ask you directly. Cheers.

    • I wasn’t being sour. Going on a website to look at a variety of investment theses is completely different from flat out asking someone what stocks you should buy.

      • stop making things up. I did not ask which stocks I should buy. I said i’m looking for ideas. Even if I did ask (which I didn’t), why would you even care? You are just looking for petty fights. Probably lost a lot during the past few days in the market and that’s why you’re sour.

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