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Updated Links for Competition Demystified and Ethyl Corp (Robotti)

I highly recommend that you go to the links below to read the PDF of this book. But the PDF lacks many of the graphs and tables so essential to the book. The point is to help you with the cases while you order the book–highly recommended–only about $11 to $15. One of the best books on analyzing businesses that I have stumbled upon. Ironically, the book never became popular like Good to Great and other Pop Management books.  Go here for the PDF of the book: Competition_Demystified__A_


For a book review and link to Amazon’s reviews go here:



Robotti’s Investment Thesis of Ethyl Corporation

Yesterday, the case on Ethyl Corporation was provided http://wp.me/p1PgpH-J3. This is a case on managing a declining business (Lead-based Gasoline became outlawed). For more understanding and background I added an investor’s perspective on Ethyl here: Robotti Mention of Ethyl (See page 25)

The above article also has good analysis of Spin-offs. An excellent read. Thanks to a reader’s heads up!