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Analysis of Fox News: A Fox in the Henhouse-Entry Strategies

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Fox News Entry Strategy

Questions on Chapter 10 in Competition Demystified and the HBR Case Study of Fox’s Strategy were posted: http://wp.me/p1PgpH-AK

As a review, this case is important to study for how a company enters under barriers to entry. If you can find such a company in the early stages of building a competitive advantage, you can earn huge returns as an investor. It ain’t easy, but one way to start is to study this case. Also, instructive in how incumbents respond. For those who don’t have a digital copy of the book, you can email me at aldridge56@aol.com and write (ONLY) BOOK in the subject line. I will email you the PDF within 24 hours. The PDF lacks the graphs and tables but has the text. I suggest you splurge on the $12 to $13 with shipping for a second-hand book through www.Amazon.com.

My write-up of the case is here:Fox News Case Study on Entry Strategies Chapter 10 of Comp Demyst

Note the subtleties of Murdoch’s entry moves.