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Resources for Beginning Value Investors

Below are resources on Value Investing and Behavioral Finance from  http://www.safalniveshak.com/about-safal-niveshak You can also sign up for his free newsletter.  That blog might give beginners a more programmed approach to learning the philosophy of value investing. See for yourself.  For old pros you have probably seen many of the articles below but just in case…..

Benjamin Graham
Conversation with Benjamin Graham
Should Rich But Losing Corporations Be Liquidated
Should Rich Corporations Return Stockholders Cash
Security Analysts Rating
Stock Dividends
Stock Dividends-Part 2
Money As Pure Commodity
Lectures of Benjamin Graham
An Hour With Ben Graham
Stock Market Warning
Valuation of Common Stocks
Valuation of Common Stocks–2
How to Handle Your Money
Interpretation of Financial Statements
The Future of Common Stocks

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett’s Letters to Berkshire Shareholders
Warren Buffett’s Partnership Letters (1957-70)
Superinvestors of Graham & Doddsville
Warren Buffett Letters on Walter Schloss
Warren Buffett on Derivatives
How Inflation Swindles the Equity Investor
Security I Like Best
Warning About the Use of Derivatives

Charlie Munger
Lesson on Elementary, Worldly Wisdom
Psychology of Human Misjudgment

Seth Klarman
Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group Letters
Who to Blame When the Market Drops
Painful Decision to Hold Cash
Risk and Productive Worrying
Guide to Choose a Money Manager
Why Value Investors are Different
Opportunities for Patient Investors
Notes to Margin of Safety
The Value of Not Being Sure
Lecture on Value Investing at MIT
Risk and “Productive Worrying”

Walter Schloss
Lecture on Value Investing
Factors Needed to Make Money in Stock Market
Sixty-Five Years on Wall Street

Prof. Sanjay Bakshi
Confessions of a Value Investor
Understanding the Universe of the Unknown and the Unknowable
Archives of Articles & Talks
Fundoo Professor Blog

Investing in the Unknown and Unknowable (Richard Zeckhauser)
Seven Immutable Laws of Investing
Flaws of Finance
What Goes Up Must Come Down
Aswath Damodaran Resources
Value Investing and Behavioral Finance
Damodaran on DCF
Why Do Investors Trade Too Much
Behavioral Finance (Tilson)
Are Investors Reluctant To Realise Their Losses
Towards a Science of Security Analysis
The Agile Manager’s Guide to Understanding Financial Statements
What Has Worked In Investing
Measuring The Moat
Why Value Investing Works So Well
The Wisdom of Great Investors
Identifying and Investing In High Quality Small-Cap Companies
Use of Historical Financial Statements to Separate Winners from Losers
Valuation Ratios and the Long-Run Stock Market Outlook
Insights From A Meeting With Mr. Greenblatt
Gannon on Investing
Investment Checklist

Safal Niveshak Book Reviews
The Little Book that Builds Wealth (Pat Dorsey)
Quality of Earnings (Thornton L. O’Glove)
One Up on Wall Street (Peter Lynch)