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Go Where the Outlook is Bleakest (RUSSIAN STOCKS)


One of my favorite quotes, I think from “Investing is the only place where when things go on sale, people run out of the store”

  1. Go Where the Outlook is Bleakest of John Templeton’s 16 Rules **
  2. The Risks of Investing in Russian Stocks
  3. Black Swans



Of course, being contrarian requires MUCH PATIENCE. See link (**) above that featured the gold market in my post of Jan. 2014.




An intelligent move: sandstorm-gold-announces a buy-back of shares after a 80% decline in share price.  The opposite of tech stock managements who are currently buying back shares at their all-time highs after a six-year move up in their stock prices)

Ghost Airports or EU Mal-investment Gone Berserk

A smart way to view gold ownership by an expert   This bullion dealer understands that gold is money and NOT an investment.

Financial-crises-during-the-gold-standard-era/ (great blog: www.tsi-blog.com)

The Horror of Herbalife

You can watch Pershing Square’sa 7:45 video at:  http://www.factsaboutherbalife.com/herbalife-unmasked/ and the entire 3-hour video is posted at: http://www.factsaboutherbalife.com/herbalife-unmasked/